Friday, August 19, 2016

Make The Chore Of Moping A Lot 
Less Tedious 
With The Panda Mop 

This spin mop makes moping a whole lot easier. First the bucket is on wheels so no more picking up and lugging around a heavy mop bucket. The mop has 2 spinners inside the bucket one that cleans the mop when its in water and the other spins it dry. No more wringing out a dirty wet mop by hand, and no more water standing on my floors taking forever to dry. This kit comes with 4 cloth heads, a microfiber cloth head, and a scrub head. There's also 2 stainless steel mops too. The bucket has a soap dispenser bottle built in and there's a drain plug on the side to empty the bucket. Its so easy to use too. You just pull the clip on the side of the mop, place the mop into the spinner, and press down. So easy and I always have a clean dry mop for cleaning. 

I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my unbiased review.

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