Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Want A Truly Unique Gift 
They'll Love To Receive??

I love fundraisers and volunteering for fundraising committees. But these days, even the seconds are full, thanks to two toddlers, a full-time job, and the occasional urge to enjoy some "me" time. I needed a quicker way to market upcoming fundraising events, because DIY projects a la Pinterest are fun, but they take TIME. And boy oh boy, time is of the essence these days. 

One afternoon, as I took a quick breather from errands, I turned to Google for a little help. During my search, I discovered PosterMyWall! After taking a "tour" of their site, I found a variety of templates that I could use to advertise my upcoming events. WOOHOO!!! I finally found a way to create some pretty cool posters and flyers that didn't require too much time or super duper artistic talent. 

Even better, PostelrMyWall offers prints and downloads. So depending on how quickly I need something, I can either order flyers (even double-sided ones, yes!) or digital files. And I can upload the digital copy to websites and Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!!! (If you want to know what else PosterMyWall offers, check out this page).

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