Thursday, June 4, 2015

Furzie Lint Remover 
Safe to use with:

I have two pugs that live inside and they get hair all over the furniture, clothing, beds, and draperies.  Along with that I get lots of lint on my clothes from laundry too. This lint remover works great removing hair and lint from fabrics without being rough on them. It has a nice handle that makes it easy to use as well. And best of all there's no pricey replacement pads to buy or wash out. This brush you just pull the lint and hair out of the bristles just like you do when you clean out a hair brush. It works way better than the old sticky lint removers that were difficult to use and not that efficient. It gets the stubborn dog hairs off my couches, chairs, curtains, and bed linens. It also brushes and fluffs up my suede couches and makes them look good. My curtains are velvet and this brush also fluffs up the velvet and removes any creases or mattes from washing them. I like to give my clothes a quite brush before I leave the house so I'm always looking my best. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

If you would like to purchase a Furzie for yourself or as a gift, please use this link:

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