Monday, June 8, 2015

Sharky 10000 Series 
by Kast King
If you're looking for a Father's Day gift that'll knock Dad's socks off or a gift for the fisherman or woman in your life then look no further. The Sharky by Kast King is a high quality fishing reel that's sure to impress. Its available in 7 sizes which are:
Sharky 1500
Sharky 2000
Sharky 2500
Sharky 4000
Sharky 6000
Sharky 8000
Sharky 10000
The 6000, 8000, & 10000 are all saltwater approved spinning reels. The model shown in my review is the Sharky 10000. These are lightweight fishing reels that are quality made with 10 + 1 smooth ball bearings, precision machined parts made from materials like carbon fiber, brass, and aluminum.  Paired with a graphite corrosion resistant body that's lightweight and extremely durable. So you know you're getting a quality reel that will last you a lifetime. 

These reels are built tough but also really lightweight. The 1500 series only weighs 7.5 ounces and the 10000 model is 23.4 ounces. So its comfortable to hold and use by both men and women. Another great feature of these reels is the anti reverse one way clutch system that eliminates backplay and delivers solid hooksets everytime. There's also a front access drag system that gives strong, smooth, and consistent fish fighting pressure. These reels range in price from just under $30 to around $75 so they are a real value compared to some competitor brands. 

Here are some more important details about these awesome reels:
Sharky 1500 | Weight 7.5oz/210g | Max Drag 9LB/4KG | Gear Ratio 5.2:1| Line Capacity 0.20mm/150m, 0.235/100, 0.26/70 |Mono Capacity 6Lb/165 Yds, 8/110, 10/75
Sharky 2000 | Weight 8.9oz/250g | Max Drag 17.5LB/8KG | Gear Ratio 5.2:1| Line Capacity 0.26mm/140, 0.285/130, 0.30/170 |Mono Capacity 10Lb/155 Yds, 12/140, 14/75
Sharky 2500 | Weight 9.5oz/265g | Max Drag 17.5LB/8KG | Gear Ratio 5.2:1| Line Capacity 0.285mm/145, 0.31/130, 0.33/100 |Mono Capacity 12Lb/160 Yds, 14/140, 16/80
Sharky 4000 | Weight 10oz/280g | Max Drag 24.25LB/11KG | Gear Ratio 4.9:1| Line Capacity 0.405mm/170, 0.435/145, 0.45/140 |Mono Capacity 12Lb/230 Yds, 14/205, 16/170
Sharky 6000 | Weight 14.5oz/405g | Max Drag 30.85LB/14KG | Gear Ratio 5.2:1| Line Capacity 0.20mm/150m, 0.235/100, 0.26/70 |Mono Capacity 6Lb/165 Yds, 8/110, 10/75
Sharky 8000 | Weight 22.5oz/630g | Max Drag 48.50LB/22KG | Gear Ratio 4.4:1/ Line Capacity 0.40mm/285, 0.45/245, 0.50/210 |Mono Capacity 30Lb/185 Yds, 45/150, 40/125
Sharky 10000 | Weight 23.4oz/655g | Max Drag 48.50LB/22KG | Gear Ratio 4.4:1| Line Capacity 0.47mm|215, 0.52/175, 0.57/145 |Mono Capacity 30Lb/235 Yds, 35/190, 40/160

I chose the Sharky 10000 reel because later this summer we are planning a fishing trip to the  South Carolina coast. We plan on doing some saltwater fishing and needed a reel that could stand up to bigger fish. My fiancee also loves to fish for catfish, large mouth bass, striper bass, garrs, and crappie at some of the lakes near our home and in Kentucky at Lake Cumberland. These fish can get rather huge so we wanted a good tough reel. This reel is so easy to use that even I a beginner fisherman have no trouble using. It's also lightweight so holding it for hours at a time doesn't cause my wrists or hands to ache. Him and me both love the anti reverse one way clutch system especially me since I'm new to fishing. The reel itself is built strong and right out of the box you can just see its a quality product. It was really easy to mount on the pole and string too. I like how the handle on the crank is rubberized so it's easy to grip and keep ahold of especially when you are reeling in a fish. I sometimes get nervous and my hands sweat a little bit so having a rubberized handle eliminates me losing my hold on the reel and possibly dropping my pole. Fishing has become something we both love to go and do on the weekends that has turned out to be a fun and budget friendly outing the whole family enjoys. We can't wait for our trip later this summer because we get to try this reel out on saltwater fishing. 

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