Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Another Great Product From..........

Say Hello to the Orblue 
Pastry Scraper & Cutter

This here is a great multiple use tool that makes a great addition to anyone's kitchen. I use mine for so many things. The rubber grip handle makes this tool easy to hold onto and use. The inch measurements on the side are really handy when you're baking and want your food to all be the same uniform size. I love baking homemade cinnamon rolls and this scraper makes my job a lot easier. I use it to scrap the freshly raised dough out the bowl. I also use it to scrap the rolled out dough off the counter. Its also handy to use to cut the dough and measure it out so all my cinnamon rolls are all the same size. 

I also use this scraper to cut pizza because the edge is sharp enough and perfect for cutting. I also use this tool to scrap up food like chopped vegetables and meat from my cutting board and into the pan or bowl I am using to prepare a meal. No more having to fuss with thinly sliced veggies being stuck to the cutting board, because now I can just scrap them up and into whee I want them. I also like how this scraper is dishwasher safe so cleaning it is really easy. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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