Monday, June 15, 2015

Looking for some great makeup that's good for both your skin an the environment?
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques are:

  • All Naural
  • Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Parabens or chemicals
  • Made from organically grown plants
  • Truly Natural & Healthy Beauty Products for Women

I was given 3 products to try out:
Pressed Cheek Colour in Primrose
Pressed Eyeshadow Duo in Tanzi/Moondust
and the
Colour Fusion Lip Glaze in Dragonfruit

The lip glaze has a easy apply applicator that makes it easy to use. It goes on your lips smoothly and only needed reapplied after I ate or had went hours with it on. It also feels weightless on my lips so I didn't have that heavy feeling on my lips like with other lip glazes. There's also no bitter chemical taste to these lip glazes they taste fruity and sweet if you happen to get any inside your mouth. And best of all after wearing this lip glaze my lips feel baby soft and smooth. I love using this lip glaze year round because it looks great and keeps my lips looking and feeling soft and healthy. I chose the Dragonfruit shade because I have a light to fair skin tone and I like the more natural looking makeup. Here is a photo from Lauren Brooke's website with all the shades this lip glaze is available in:
The Pressed Eyeshadow duo came with a nice little applicator brush that I thought was really handy. I love the pressed eyeshadow because it doesn't make a mess on your skin and on the bathroom sink when you apply them. They also go on smoother and are much easier to blend than powders. I love using 2 colors on my eyes and creating unique looks when I do my eye makeup. The duos allow me to do that because the colors match up perfectly. After applying both colors I use a beauty blender sponge to blend them out and make my eyes look gorgeous. The eyeshadow doesn't crease or get cakey looking like with powder shadows or some of the other kinds I've used. I also love how it doesn't make my skin look oily and shiny and doesn't cause breakouts. It stays on and stays in place all day long as well. Here is another photo of the available Eyeshadow Duo colors Lauren Brooke offers:
I can't wait to try them all!!

The last product I reviewed was the Pressed Cheek Colour and again I chose the Primrose color because I am light to fair complected and go for the more natural look. It added just the right amount of a pinkish rose color to my cheeks and cheek bones and looks natural and healthy looking on my skin. It stays on all day, doesn't look oily or add shine to my skin, and doesn't irritate or cause breakouts. My skin is naturally oily and I suffer from acne so I have to be careful what makeup I use on my face. The Lauren Brooke products don't clog my pores and don't cause blackheads or breakouts. They wash off easily when I'm ready to remove them as well. And I love how they're naturally made. Here's a photo of the available Cheek Colours:
To find out more or to explore all of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, please use this link to their website:
They have specials and sales frequently and offer their products in sample sizes so you can try before you commit to a larger container.

I received these products in exchange for my honest review of them.

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  1. Love the colors…especially love the fact there aren't any para end or other nasty chemicals. Great review!