Wednesday, October 28, 2015

By Far The Best Barbecue Tool Set
 I've Ever Owned!!

I am so happy with this barbecue tools and kitchen utensil set. All the tools are made strong and durable not flimsy and cheap like others. Everything is dishwasher safe so cleanup is simple and easy. The silicone grill gloves work great when I grill or in the kitchen pulling hot dishes out of the oven. The tongs are great to use to serve food along with on the grill and inside on the stove. The spatula is strong and doesn't bend even when scooping up heavy foods and its nonstick so food doesn't stick to it. The meat claws are great I use them for several tasks. They are great to use to pick up large pieces of meat like roasts, whole chickens, and I plan to use them to lift the Thanksgiving turkey on the platter here soon. They are also handy to use to break up meats too like when I make pulled pork barbecue they work great breaking and shedding up the hot meat. Like I said this is a very handy set you won't be sorry about purchasing. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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