Monday, October 12, 2015

We Loved Our Visit to the 
Ohio Renaissance Festival 
in Waynesville Ohio 

Recently my family and I were given the opportunity to go check out the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We had a great time and were amazed at how much there was to do and see there. It was easy to get to right close to 2 major highways Interstate's 71 & 75 and there was plenty of parking in the grass. There was also plenty of handicap and motorcycle parking and parking was a cheap $3. Here are some of the photos I took of our experience and the sites we seen:
These are some photos of our guest passes and the map of the park and a schedule of all the shows and events that take place. There was so much going on, never a dull moment!

The food is delicious and there's a nice variety of food that everyone can find something they'll love. From giant turkey legs and enormous loaded spuds to burgers, franks, pizza, chicken, calzones, mac n cheese, soft pretzels, brownie sundaes, apple dumplings, and my personal favorite funnel cakes. There's also beer, meade, wine, and wine coolers, along with water, hot beverages, and soda. The portions are large and everything we tried was hot and delicious. 

This was my absolute favorite the funnel cake topped with apple filling and powered sugar. Tastes just like fresh homemade apple pie. Delicious!!!

After we stuffed our faces we decided to take in some shoes and some of the many rides. My favorites were the Full Armored Joust and the Human Combat Chess Match. They were very entertaining to watch and I learned a thing or 2 from them. We also loved the Wailing Wenches and the Comedy Operas they were definitely funny. Here are some of the photos I took of the Joust and the Chess Match:

The Queen is not pleased with the behavior of the chess players

She's got them by the ears and making them apologize...
LOL :)

Full Armored Joust

Both these shows were really cool and I love how the jousters use rescue horses in their shows. After this we headed on over to enjoy the rides and games here are just some of the fun stuff they have:

Before we finished out our day we did a little souvenir shopping. There were so many shops and they were all so unique. There were face painters, hair braiders, swords and knives, metal works, glassblowers, jewelry, animal pelts and skins, artists with drawings and paintings, sky chairs, candles, dipped roses, incense, medieval costume shops, leathergoods, and many many more. Here is what we picked out and some other random shots of our day:

We had a great time and we can't wait to go back next year. The costumed characters were great and everyone was really nice and friendly and the atmosphere really made you feel like you were in the Renaissance time period. This festival is open every weekend in September and October and each weekend is themed something different. Our visit was during Highlands weekend. Some of the other weekends are Romance, Trick or Treat, Pirate, Oktoberfest, Time Travelers, Friends & Family, and Barbarian. There's also weddings preformed at the event. Hours are 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. You can buy tickets online or at the gates and there's also season passes available. For more information please check out their website here:

I want to thank the US Family Guide and the Ohio Renaissance Festival for providing my family and I tickets to this event in exchange for my review. :)

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