Monday, October 5, 2015

If your a kid at heart or just want to have some fun then you'll love these light up sneakers from 
Electric Styles!!

I am a total shoe fanatic I probably have over a hundred pair by now and I'm always buying shoes when I go shopping. But my new favorite shoes have to be these sneakers from Electric Styles. They come in sizes for both men and women and are surprisingly comfortable as they are stylish. They have a nice canvas and suede upper and a thick rubber sole that provides good grip even on wet floors. Inside the shoes have a nice arch support and padded foot bed that is comfortable enough for you to wear these shoes all day long. The shoes are easy to clean, I just wipe mine off with a damp cloth when they get dirty or dusty and they look new again.

The shoes come with a USB charging cable that has two ends so you can charge both shoes at once. The USB side conveniently plugs into your computer, laptop, or other USB device for charging. I use the USB wall charger from my tablet to plug mine directly into the wall outlet to charge mine. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge these shoes completely and one charge lasts around 6 hours. Inside the shoes up by the tongue there's a small port to plug in the charging cable and the button to turn the shoes on and off and to change colors and lighting modes. The shoes have 7 colors which are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua, and white. They also have a color changing mode that offers several blinking, strobe, and color changing patterns. 

These shoes light up really bright and stay bright throughout the battery life. They are fun to wear and believe me they are really noticeable. I get tons of compliments from all ages whenever I wear my shoes and have the light up function on. Recently I wore them to a haunted house I was at and everyone loved them and my group could always find me no matter what. For the price they are totally worth it for how comfortable these shoes are and how much fun they are. I did change the laces to a neon hot pink to make them look a bit more girly but that's just me they look great no matter what color laces you have. They are great to wear during the day as well without the light up feature on because they are comfortable to wear and stylish with jeans or shorts. I received this product in exchange for my review of it. 

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