Thursday, October 1, 2015

Home Complete Vacuum Bags 

We can all use more storage space in our homes. In my home I have to share a small walk in closet with my fiancee so space is limited. These bags make it easy to store clothing, blankets, sheets, towels, or other linens and not have to waste closet or shelf space. I had some t shirts and pants that I wasn't wearing too often anymore that were taking up almost an entire shelf in our closet and we were running out of room. So I decided to take these 22 shirts and 17 pair of pants and put them into the vacuum bags to store. I used 2 of the large sized bags and they were so easy to use. The set comes with 15 vacuum bags of various sizes and a manual pump to suck the air out. After placing all the pants and shirts in the bags I proceeded to use the manual pump. It works but it is time consuming to use the manual pump so I read the directions on the vacuum bag and it said to use a vacuum cleaner. So I got my vacuum and it worked great when I hooked it up to the opening on the bag. Once all the air is out you just screw on the cap and that's it you're done. It condensed an entire pile of clothes into 2 bags that easily stack and fit under my bed. Now I have an entire shelf back to use.

 I plan on taking the rest of these bags and using them to condense my sheets, extra towels, and our huge stack of throw blankets in the hall closet. I now have so much room now in all my closets. The bags protect your stuff from water, other liquids, bugs, dirt, dust and anything else that could get on them. They are also nice when you move or go on vacation because you can fit a lot more in your suitcase or backseat than if you packed stuff in bags or boxes. The bags are very strong and durable too so they won't tear or rip out easily. I am so happy with these vacuum bags I only wish I would of discovered them sooner. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

This set comes with 15 bags in varying sizes which are:
1 Jumbo Bag
3 Extra Large Bags
4 Large Bags
4 Medium Bags
2 Suit Case Roll Up Bags
1 Small Roll Up Bag
1 Manual Pump

These boast that these bags will gove you 3 times the storage space and they really do!

To start making room in your closets please use this link to purchase a set of these bags:

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