Thursday, October 1, 2015

Get the spa treatment at home with this 
Papaya Mask
Ladybug Soap Company 

I have to admit I've never tried a beauty mask like this before and after trying it I now see that I've been missing out. This papaya mask comes in a generous 5.5 ounce jar so you have enough to do your face several times if you wish. It is a bit messy so I recommend having an old towel and a spoon handy when you open it up. The product is all natural with natural ingredients so its only logical that it will separate so you have to stir it up each time you use it. Its not real thick but I like the consistency because it is easy to apply to your face and it really gets into all the creases and crevices on my face. I recommend using this product while you are taking a long bath or a soak because it does get messy. I used mine while in the tub and left it on about 30 minutes while I relaxed and soaked in the tub. The masque was dry on my face when I rinsed it off. It smells great when you're using it and my hands got really soft from me applying it to my face. 

After I removed the masque I right away noticed how my face felt really soft and smooth. It felt really clean and fresh as well. I have some deep pores in my cheeks and nose and they appeared not as noticeable as before. My skin felt tighter too and the oil I usually get on my face an hour after I shower or bathe didn't form as fast as it usually does. The skin on my nose and around it looked brighter and I think cleaner too. This masque didn't irritate or cause any problems with my facial piercings either and I have my eyebrow, nose, and upper and lower lip pierced. Its hard to find beauty masques that can be safely used with facial piercings and I'm happy to say this is one. I am very happy with the effects of this product and will continue to use it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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