Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Every Kitchen Needs One Of These 

I never knew how handy one of these was until I got one. I usually would strain noodles and wash greens in the sink or with one of those small strainers with a handle. It wasn't very effective and I usually ended up spilling food down the drain or on the floor. This colander is nice and large so nothing gets spilled. I can wash lettuce and other greens, strain spaghetti and other noodles, wash fruits and vegetables, and other foods easily. The colander is dishwasher safe and has nice handles on either side that make it easy to pick up and handle. The tiny holes let water drain away from your food but doesn't allow any of your food to fall out. The base is also elevated so your food can drain easily and doesn't lay in water at the bottom. I use this colander all the time and I love the stylish stainless steel look it really compliments my kitchen decor. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To purchase one of these for yourself please use this link:

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