Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BluPure Water Filter
Bottled water can get pricey especially if you drink nothing but water everyday. You have to go to the grocery store and lug home heavy bulky cases of water. And all those empty plastic bottles that go in the trash and end up in the landfills. There are alternatives like refrigerators with water dispensers or water pitchers that go in the fridge. But the downsize to that is they take up valuable room in your fridge and the replacement filters are pricey. So what can you do? Well recently I was given the opportunity to review the BluPure water filter. This water filter is quite different than other filters I have used. It goes right on your counter next to your sink. It has a small hose and connection that fits right over your faucet where the water comes out. Its really easy to install and doesn't leak. 

Once installed all you have to do is either push or pull the dispenser plug to start dispensing the water through the filter. If you look in the above picture you can see the plug. The water comes out the filter and right into whatever you want. Its just that easy! You can use this filtered water to drink, for cooking, for pets, or whatever else you decide. It tastes every bit as pure and refreshing as the bottled water you buy at the store. And best of all the filter cartridge lasts up to one full year. And when the time comes to change the filter cartridge its easy to do with the included wrench to loosen and tighten the unit. 
This water filter would work great not only at home but at work, camping, or on vacation. You can pretty much take it with you and use it wherever there's a faucet. What I like about it is that its really easy to install. No tools needed. And you can turn it on and off with just the push or pull of the plug. The water that comes out of it tastes just as clean and refreshing as the bottled water you buy from the store. This water filter has saved me a ton of money and continues to save me money. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

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