Thursday, March 5, 2015

Magic Wine Aerator 

by: Fete Home
Aerating your wine brings out the flavors and aromas of your favorite wine. This aerator is really easy to use and aerates your glass of wine in seconds. It features 7 adjustable aeration levels that you operate by just turning the metal dial to your desired number. Each level represents 1 hour of decanting. The aerator also has a 3 stage aeration process. Also comes with a built in acrylic strainer that filters out sediment. Its made of BPA free acrylic and stainless steel. This wine aerator comes with a bonus travel drawstring pouch and a drop stand to sit it on while its drying. The aerator makes good wine taste like great wine.

This wine aerator is really easy to use and the 7 speed dial is really easy to use. I can really taste a huge difference in my glass of wine after I use this. Its also fun to watch the wine move through this. I've used it to aerate both red and white wines and the flavors for both are so much more enhanced. I love how it comes with the drip stand and the velvet pouch. The box it comes in is also strong and sturdy and I use it to store the aerator when I'm not using it. The built in strainer really helps when you get tiny pieces of cork down in your wine. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

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