Monday, March 30, 2015

Cardio Tech Pro Series
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 
I have here another great product to share with you today from Ozeri. This is the Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series wrist cuff blood pressure monitor. Its really easy to use and more comfortable than the upper arm monitors. It comes with a hard plastic case that allows you to store your monitor and keep it safe from spills and other dangers. 

This monitor has a large digital display that's easy to use. Has a digital clock right on the display too. The monitor holds a total of 180 blood pressure readings that can be split between 2 users for 90 each. So it makes it easy to monitor, record, and keep accurate records of your blood pressure. It features easy to use push button controls too. Some other great features of this monitor is its Measure While Inflate Technology, automatic hypertension indicator, and irregular heartbeat detection (Arrhythmia). The cuff has a Velcro closure and is very comfortable and easy to use. This monitor is very portable as well. 

Hypertension, high blood pressure, heart murmurs, and heart disease run in both sides of my family. And now that I'm in my thirties I want to monitor and keep track of my blood pressure so I can stay healthy. So I needed a blood pressure monitor at home so I could accurately take my blood pressure daily. I'm not a fan of the upper cuff monitors because they are hard to position the cuff on your arm just right, the Velcro is strong and hard to use, and they squeeze my arm too tight and make me feel uncomfortable. So when I got my wrist cuff blood pressure monitor from Ozeri I was excited to give a wrist monitor a try. Right away when I opened up the box I was amazed by the quality of this monitor. It comes in a hard plastic case with a snap closure lid for you to store your monitor in when its not being used. The monitor comes with 2 AAA batteries that are easily installed in the side of the monitor. Then you're ready to use it.

You just slide the cuff over your wrist and attach it with the Velcro strap. The strap is soft and comfortable against your skin and the Velcro holds it tight without being hard to remove. There's 3 buttons on the monitor a Start/Stop,Mem, and Set so its very easy to use and not at all confusing. You just push the Start button and it starts taking your blood pressure. It squeezes your wrist but not overly tight or uncomfortable. It takes very little time to get your reading too. The 2 user mode and the memory function makes it easy for me to keep track of my blood pressure from day to day. And since its 2 users both me and my husband can both use it and keep track. The digital display is large and easy to read and the digital clock right on the monitor is a nice addition. The irregular heartbeat detector, and hypertension indicators were really important to me to be able to test for since that runs in my family. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

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