Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ozeri Elite Chef 3 Piece Ceramic Knife Set with Stand
Looking for a knife set that looks as good as it works? Recently I had the opportunity to review this gorgeous set of ceramic knives. First let me introduce you to ceramic knives. 
I had heard of ceramic blade knives but had never owned any before. Boy was I really missing something good! Ceramic knives never need sharpening and are easy to clean and don't tarnish or rust. They are really, really sharp and can cut through almost anything. So far I have used this set to cut lemons, oranges, ripe tomatoes, lettuce, boneless frozen chicken breasts, bread, celery, onions, and carrots to name just some of the things I have used these knives to cut. Everything cut really easily even the ripe tomatoes and bread cut perfectly and didn't mash up. 

The Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3 Piece Knife Set comes with a 3", 5", and 6" sized blades that are made of 100% ceramic. The handles are a nice soft silicone that has grips so it rest comfortably in your hand while you're using. These knives are also very lightweight and fit perfectly in smaller sized hands like mine. They have a stylish chrome accent on the ends of each knife also.  These knives can go into the dishwasher, but I just like to rinse them under water and wipe them dry. These knives stay sharp and never need sharpening so they save a ton of time. And since they are ceramic they never rust or tarnish or scratch up like with metal knives. 

In addition to reviewing the knife set Ozeri was nice enough to send me the knife stand to hold my new knives. The stand is sold separately on This stand is made of high quality acrylic and features a black lacquer finish that's sure to be eye catching. The stand is adjustable so you can either display your knives upright or at an angle like I have shown here. I've received lots of compliments on this very attractive and very functional knife set. It matches almost any decor and these knives will last you for years to come and always be sharp. 

Both the knife set and matching stand would make a great gift for a wedding, housewarming, birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion. If you would like to learn more, or to purchase a set for yourself or as a gift, here is the Amazon links to both products:

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review of it. 

Also please come check out my YouTube video of me using this knife at:

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