Saturday, March 7, 2015

WashGuard Lingerie Bags For Laundry
WashGuard lingerie bags protect your lingerie and delicates from the wash and dry cycle. They allow you to wash your lingerie and delicates in the washer and dryer instead of having to hand wash them. This saves a ton of time and money. These super strong bags have a heavy duty zipper that will last and last. You just place your bras, panties, lingerie, or any other delicates into the bag and close the zipper. Then place the bag in your washing machine along with your other laundry. It washes with your closes and protects your stuff. 

I love buying my lingerie from the expensive shops in the mall and it gets really pricey. But I love the look and feel of their lingerie. So when I used to wash my bras in the washer they sometimes would get destroyed. The clasps would get bent up and destroyed or the straps would get caught on other clothes and get ripped or stretched out. This would ruin my good bras and panties and leave me both upset and angry. So I had to wash my bras in the sink which can be time consuming. Now that I have these awesome laundry bags I can safety wash my bras and other lingerie and not have to worry. They are easy to use and I've used mine many times and it still looks new. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

If you would like to order a WashGuard lingerie bag, here is the Amazon link to place your order with:

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