Monday, March 9, 2015

Smart Tea Infuser
by: Drinkkler

I love an occasional mug of hot tea. And the best tea most of the time comes loose. So I was happy to have the chance to test out the Drinkkler Smart Tea Infuser. Its made of BPA free silicone with a stainless steel strainer. And the bright green color is really cute. It is also easy to clean and features a lifetime guarantee. 

Here's what I love about this tea infuser. The holes in the tea strainer are large enough to easily strain the tea but small enough to where no tea leaves escape into your drink. The silicone handle doesn't get hot even when its in the hot tea. And the handle is long enough to dangle outside of the glass or mug. The handle also has a nice clip that can be clipped to your glass or mug so the infuser stays in place in your drink. The drip tray is duel purpose and can either be used to store the diffuser when you're not using it, or it can be used to cover your glass or mug to keep your drink warm. It takes me awhile to finish a mug of hot tea so the cover is nice and keeps me from having to reheat my drink. Its also nice when I decide to drink my tea outside on my porch because it keeps debris and bugs from getting in my drink. I love this tea diffuser set not only for its functions but its super cute as well. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it.

If you would like more information, or to purchase here is the Amazon product link:

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