Monday, March 9, 2015

Kukpo Silicone Baking Mat Set
I love homemade cookies especially when they're still warm and right out the oven. But getting the perfect cookie can be difficult. They either get stuck to the bottom of the cookie sheet and tear up when you try to scrap them off. Or they burn on the bottom and stay raw in the center. This can be so frustrating!! All the effort making them and expensive ingredients all wasted and ruined.

I was given the opportunity to review these really easy to use silicone baking mats. They are made of BPA free and FDA approved high quality silicone. They are easy to use too. You just lay the mat on top the oven racks and place your cookies or place mat on a cookie sheet and place your cookies on top. These mats can also be used for candy making along with making cookies. Cookies come out the oven golden brown on the bottom and cooked thoroughly all the way through. They easily come right off the baking mats so no scraping. And these baking mats clean up really easily with just hot soapy water. You also don't need to use any grease or nonstick sprays so its healthy cooking and saves you money. The company guarantees their product with a money back guarantee.

I can now bake cookies without them being burned on the bottom and raw in the middle. And they no longer get stuck to the bottom of my cookie sheets. These mats are also great to use for candy making and cookie decorating. They are made of a thick silicone and easily clean up with hot soap and water. I no longer have to use butter to grease pans or cooking sprays. My best advice is to place the baking mat on your oven racks when the oven is cold or barely warm. Then place your cookie dough on the baking mat. This way you have less chance of spilling your cookie dough or burning yourself. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it.

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