Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dot & Dot 
15 Inch Packing Sleeve

 Want to maximize storage space in your luggage or in a closest? This unique packing sleeve is park of a full line of Dot & Dot products that help you maximize space in your suitcase or in your closest. The 15 inch packing sleeve is perfect for shirts or leggings or any other clothing you want to put in it. It helps to minimize wrinkles and keep your clothes looking their best when you travel. It is made from a strong and sturdy fabric with mesh material that allows your clothes to breathe but still be protected. Also it has Velcro closures that stay closed and a nice carrying handle. Comes with a folding board and folding instructions that show you step by step how to maximize your storage capabilities. Also comes shipped in a nice zippered bag that can be reused for other stuff. Holds up to 7 items. Can also be used in small closets to maximize space. If you would like to place an order, here is the links to purchase: 

I love to travel and when I do I pack a lot, so my suitcases are pretty crammed. That leaves my clothes looking wrinkled and messy looking. So I needed a way to organize and maximize the space in my suitcases. This packing sleeve lets me organize my shirts and other things like leggings in one space saving sleeve. My clothes stays wrinkle free and its compressed so my suitcase has a bit more room in it. The folding board that comes with it with folding instructions printed on it is really helpful as well. And the plastic zippered bag that it comes in can be reused to store lots of other stuff. I received this product in exchange for my honest review of it. 

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