Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another Great Product From BruJoy...... 
Its the Bru Joy Premium 
2-Bowl-in-1 Citrus Press

This citrus press is really easy to use and handy to have in anyone's kitchen. Its the perfect size to squeeze oranges, lemons, limes, and the tiny key limes. Its so easy to use and isn't big and bulky and hard to handle like some of the stainless steel citrus squeezers. I have smaller hands and those bulky metal squeezers are hard for me to wrap my hand around and hard to squeeze. This squeezer fits comfortably in my hand and is easy for the smaller handed person to use. I love the smooth almost painted feeling the diecast aluminium construction this squeezer is made out of. And its dishwasher safe so its easy to clean and care for. 

I love using fresh citrus juice in my recipes as well as drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and orange juice. Its way healthier and tastes a lot better without all the sugar. This press does a great job keeping the seeds and excessive pulp out of your juice too. If you're squeezing a lot of fruit all at once you'll want to rinse the press under the faucet every once in a while. The strainers fill up with pulp that doesn't let the juice through so you'll need to clear that out ever so often. But I don't mind because I know its doing its job keeping all that large pulp and seeds out of my juice. This is a great citrus press that is sturdy and durable and easy to use. I use it almost everyday and it still looks and works like new. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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