Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Double Sunglasses/Glasses Holder 
from Superior Essentials 

I can never find my sunglasses when I need them in the car. They either get buried under other stuff in the glove box, get lost inside my house because I wear them outside the car, or they get lost under the seat and end up broken. So to have something that will hold my fiancee and I's sunglasses securely and safely in the car was a blessing. I had tried other sunglasses holders before and they never held the glasses in place and were big and bulky and got in the way while I was driving. This sunglasses holder fits snugly on your visor or it can be clicked onto the vent in your car. Both ways stay in place and don't fall off. They also aren't big and bulky so they won't obstruct your view while you're driving or get in your way. I clicked mine to the passenger side visor and it easily fit both of our sunglasses. The glasses stay put on the clip and can easily be removed with one hand when you need them. I can still fully use the visor so it doesn't get in the way of that either. Now we won't be losing our sunglasses or having them accidentally get broken or scratched. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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