Thursday, July 30, 2015

Two Meows Cat Litter Mat

This mat would make a great cat litter box mat because it grips the loose litter off of a cat's feet and holds it on the mat. So you don't have to worry about loose litter getting all over your floors or in the carpeting of your home. I use this mat for a different purchase though. I have a dog that loves to scatter his food all over the floor in our laundry room. He also drops chewed up food crumbs all around his food bowl area too. So this makes a huge mess and gets kinda gross when you step on the food. It can also bring unwanted pests if the food gets under the washing machine or dryer. So I've been searching for the perfect way to help control this problem. This cat litter mat works great. It grips the dropped food and crumbs and keeps them from being thrown all over the floor of the room. It also grips his bowl so he no longer dumps it over and spills food everywhere. Now I can easily just pick up the loose food and put it back in his bowl. No more kibble sliding around on the floor. The mat has a rubber bottom so it grips and stays put and keeps my dog's food and water in place also. So this mat can be used for both dog's and cat's to help keep their areas clean and tidy. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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