Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rocking Out with the 
Roverbeats F1 
from: Etekcity

I love listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, and catching up on TV shows on my phone and tablet. But not everyone around me likes listening to the same things that I do. So to keep peace I decided I needed a good pair of headphones. I wanted something that cancelled out the background noise around me, had good clear sound, a good amount of bass, and fit comfortably on my ears and head. It had been quite a long time since I had bought a pair of headphones so I was new to the Bluetooth and wireless features. I had looked at some of the more expensive pairs and couldn't see myself spending so much money on just a pair of headphones. Their sound quality was great but spending that much money just wasn't in the budget. So I settled on these from Etekcity and I can honestly say they are just as good as those pricey headphones.

 The sound quality is marvelous. You get crystal clear voices and treble paired with an excellent amount of bass. These headphones are Bluetooth 4.0 so they pair easily with my smartphone, my Samsung tablet, my Kindle, laptop, and TV. They hold a charge for 10 hours so I can use them all day long if I desire. They fully charge in about 3 hours so if you plug them in before bed they are ready to go the next morning. I love how I can pair them with devices and leave the room and they don't lose signal. I also like how they have comfortable padding around your ears so they cancel out background noise and are super comfy on your ears. They are also fully adjustable to fit any sized head. They stay on and don't slide around or slide off your head once you are wearing them. I can put them on and go for a walk with the dog and they stay in place on my head. You can also take phone calls from your smartphone with these which is another great feature. I can hear my caller and they can hear me crystal clear. There's volume, play, on/off, and call buttons mounted right on the headphones by your ear that are easy to use and easy to get to. And when you enter pairing mode there's a red and blue LED light that blinks on the headphones that lets you know wen you are in pairing mode which is really convenient. I am really happy and satisfied with these headphones and love the quality of them and the great sound they produce. 

If you would like to learn more or to purchase a pair for yourself or as a gift, please use this link:

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