Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffee Crazy
 Organic French Roast Coffee 

Whole Bean Coffee 
I've searched for years for a great tasting and fresh tasting coffee and I believe I have found it. The Coffee Crazy coffee smells so delicious, you can smell it as soon as your pick up the box it was shipped in. It comes in a sealed bag so you know its fresh. The beans are large and dark and you can just see they are high quality. I ground them myself at home using a manual coffee grinder and I only ground what I needed to use each day. So I always had the freshest cup of coffee I could get. The beans ground easily and went right into my brewer. When I made my coffee the whole house was filled with the aroma of fresh coffee not just the kitchen. Its amazing how much better coffee you get using fresh beans than buying the preground coffee from the store. Taste, aroma, color, and appearance are way better. And I love how its certified organic beans so there's no pesticides or extras in my cup of coffee. I'm definitely hooked and won't be going back to preground grocery store brands again. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

To experience the difference for yourself please click this link and order a bag of Coffee Crazy:

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