Monday, July 27, 2015

RC Remote Control
 Rock Crawler Truck 
by: Kidzlane

This RC rock crawler truck is so much fun for the whole family including the dog. We all take turns driving it around and the dog loves to run with it and chase it. It has a really far distance transmitter so we can drive the truck almost all the way down our really long driveway and it doesn't lose signal. It easily drives over all terrain like paved surfaces, sand, rocks, gravel, hills, and gullies. Our yard has a lot of small holes and uneven spots in it and this truck easily drives right over and through it all. So we hardly ever have to go free it from a spot where its stuck or has turned over. We've had other remote control vehicles before and the kids got uninterested in them quickly because they either had low range transmitters or would get stuck in the grass or uneven terrain of the yard. We all love the easy to use and maneuver controller that even someone with no experience with can easily use. My mother had never used a remote control vehicle before and she found it very easy to use and was easily driving the truck around in minutes. 

The battery is really quick to charge and holds its charge for easily a few hours of play. I plugged it in with the included charger and it was fully charged and ready to go in about 3 hours. Our other remote controlled truck takes 18 hours to charge which is a real bummer when you have kids begging to play with it. The battery is very easy to take out and put back in the truck as well. You unscrew a few screws and it pops right in. Our other vehicles have tiny screws that fall out and get lost and are a real pain to work with. The screws on this truck unscrew but don't come out so they don't get lost. 

This little truck is pretty fast along with its climbing capabilities.  I love the 3 separate motors 2 that drive the truck and one that steers it. It is designed well and built tough so it will withstand play from your kids and in our case the family dog. The rubber tires grip the terrain well. The transmitter is very responsive and responds to your commands quickly. All in all its a really fun toy to play with for kids and adults. Our whole family loves this toy even the dog. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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