Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gorilla Shipping Tape 
Tough & Wide

Its really true all you really need is just 1 strip of this super strong shipping tape. It also works great for packing boxes when you are moving. You can load your box up with books or with feathers and this tape will hope no matter what. It comes in a 35 yard roll so 1 roll is really all you need when you are moving or if you're shipping out boxes daily. The tape is nice and wide so it covers both flaps on a box plus the seam quite nicely and since its wide it provides extra support. The tape comes on a easy refill dispenser and has a tape cutter that makes it easy to peel off and cut the right amount that you need. Just like the tape the cutter is made strong not flimsy and won't bend or break. I plan on using this tape to pack all my boxes when I move and to ship some boxes out around the holidays to loved ones that live abroad. I received a sample package of Gorilla Shipping tape to review from Smiley360.

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Please click this link to learn more about Gorilla shipping tape & Smiley 360 

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