Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crave Naturals Brow & Lash Kit
Ladies are you tired of your mascara always clumping and leaving your lashes looking a mess? Or those stubborn wild eyebrow hairs that just won't lay flat?  I know I am! Well I've found the solution with the Crave Brow & Lash kit. 
I'll let this handy little diagram tell you all about the kit. As you can see each tool is crafted to help you create beautiful eyebrows and lashes. I went ahead and took some before and after photos of my eyelashes with mascara on. The before photo shows how the mascara has clumped up my lashes and made them look really ugly. 
I then used the spoolie and eyelash comb on them and here's the ending result:
As you can now see there's a huge difference. My lashes are now looking longer, fuller, thicker, and much more spaced out over my entire lid. There are no more clumps and all the excess mascara has been combed away. The brow brush works great to comb and shape my eyebrow hairs that always seem to want to stick up in all different directions. And the angled brush on the Dual Ended Masterpiece helps to create really sharp lines when using it to apply eyeshadow. 

Right now fashion is all about creating really dramatic eyes with makeup. Pops of color, smokey eyes, and really long, thick lashes are all popular. To have these looks you need a good lash and brow kit to go along with your makeup. This kit will help you get the looks you see on celebrities and on the runway. 

I also made a video of me demonstrating how to use this kit that you can watch right here:

The Crave kit sells on Amazon for $15.88 right now but for an added bonus the company has given me permission to offer my readers a 25% off coupon code. That makes this kit a real value! Here are the instructions to get your kit at a discount:
1. Go to
2. Search "eyebrow brush"
3. Add the eyebrow kit to your cart
4. In the box marked "Gift Cards or Promotional Codes" type QQMSRCOC. 
Then just click on Apply and you're all set!

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