Monday, September 22, 2014

Wireless Mobile Speaker

If you're like me you love music and you love your music to be loud! So don't let the sheer size of this speaker fool you because it is loud. Not only that but it delivers clear, clean sound with even some bass to it. It effortlessly syncs to all my Bluetooth devices such as smart phones, laptop & desktop computers, I-Pods, tvs, anything with Bluetooth. It also comes with an Auxiliary port and a cable so you can plug it into older devices too. I used the auxiliary cable and plugged it into my older boom box stereo and got a lot more sound from my old radio. It says it holds a 10 hour charge but I've been using it everyday for a week now a few hours each day and haven't needed to charge it yet. The battery in it is a 2200 mAH 3.7 volt lithium battery. The unit comes with an adapter to charge it with and it can be used while its charging. It also comes with a Micro USB cable. Roverbeats is offered in red as shown here and in grey so it can fit any decor. It also has controls featured on top the speaker that operate volume, pause, play, and changes the songs. There's also a blinking light that changes color on top the unit that helps you know when the speaker is on and ready and also when it successfully pairs with your device. 

Over the weekend I took this speaker to the park and paired it with my cell phone and listened to music while we enjoyed our time at the park. I've also paired it with my     I-Pod and used it to listen to music while I worked around the house. You can tuck your I-Pod in your pocket and roam freely around your home and be able to change songs and the volume from rooms away. I can't tell you how handy this little speaker is or how much I love it. I've been in the market for one of these for awhile now but didn't want to pay the high price that some are on the market for. This Roverbeats wireless mobile speaker is just as good if not better than some of the higher priced models on the market. It really surprised me in quality and sound. So if you're in the market for a small speaker with rich, clear sound than give the Roverbeats a try. Here is the Amazon link to pick one up for yourself:

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  1. The speaker is great! Awesome review! You always go out of your way for your reviews and make them perfect!