Thursday, September 4, 2014

Puracy All Natural Cleaners

I was given the opportunity by Puracy to review some of their cleaning products. Let me first say what a nice company they are. They emailed me tracking information and I had the products at my door super fast! 

The three products I had the chance to review is the multi-surface cleaner, the dish soap, and the hand soap.  All are in really good sized bottles and came with the pumps for the multi-surface and the hand soap. They also were nice enough to include a 20% off coupon for a future order. Who doesn't like to save money? Am I right here?  When you open them up the first thing you notice is the smell. All 3 smell really good and have absolutely NO chemical smell unlike most household cleaners. There scents are green tea & lime and lavender & vanilla for the hand soap. All 3 products are for the most part a clear liquid so their are no harsh dyes in any of their products. Instead all their products they sent me are all natural, non toxic, and plant based. They are also hypoallergenic and the packaging is biodegradable. So it is good for the environment. This company does not test on animals that's another point that I love about them! Also its all made in the USA, another great thing!

Upon reading the labels I found out this company donates a portion of all its sales to local families and kids that are less fortunate. This is something that I really liked because there are so many families especially those with children that are struggling in America and it is nice to see a company helping out. 

Now lets talk testing this stuff out. I decided to test the multi-surface cleaner on something we've all experienced sometime in our lives. The dreaded kool-aid stain on the formica countertops. No matter how hard you scrub it won't get rid of that pink stain. So here are some pictures of how this stuff did:
Kool-Aid spilled on formica countertops

After using the multi-surface cleaner

As you can see it got rid of the mess without leaving a stain or any stickiness behind. And it smells great in there now! I also used the multi-surface cleaner on a wood table, a glass top stove, and granite. Each time the cleaner did a great job, didn't damage any surface and left no residue or streaks behind.

I also tried out the dish soap on a few dishes in my sink. I used about a quarter sized amount of the product and as you can see I ended up with a ton of suds. My glasses came out very clean and shiny just like I like them.  And best of all its gentle on my hands and left a nice fragrance on my hands and in my kitchen. 

As for the hand soap since I started using it my hands have felt soft and clean. It easily removes dirt and grime from your hands and leaves them smelling wonderful.

If you would like to try some for yourself here is the Amazon links as well as their website link for you to order some for yourself.

I know I'll be ordering some!!

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  1. Awesome review!!! But my husband would not like that Bengals glass lol