Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ozeri Green Earth Pan

Ozeri Green Earth Pan:
12" Frying Pan review
I received one of these about a week ago and right away I fell in love with this pan. In love with a pan you say? Yes! My old cookware everything stuck to, the pans took forever to heat up on the stove, they cooked uneven, and had hot spots. So when I received this new pan I was super excited to try it out and do a review on it. 

The very first thing I noticed about it when I unboxed it was how light it was. But don't get light confused with cheap. This pan is by no means cheap. It is made with a ceramic coating derived from nature which makes the coating nontoxic and harmful fume free. This is very important to me because I care about what my food touches and comes in contact with before me and my family put that food in our mouths. The pan is PTFE and PFOA free. It is induction stove safe as well. 

The silicone handle makes it very easy to grip and hold and it keeps the handle cool and safe for your hands as well. It also features a raised texture coating on the inside of the pan that creates air pockets. These help distribute heat under your food to enhance cooking. 

I decided to try it out by making some frozen cheeseburgers. I was able to fit 4 full size frozen burgers in the pan at once and still have room for the spatula to flip the burgers. I have a glass top stove and this pan worked beautifully on it and didn't damage the stove top. I found tat this pan heated up way faster than my old cookware. And it cooked all 4 burgers evenly and with no hot spots. Here's a few photos of my burgers.

As you can see this pan can sure cook up some tasty burgers and best of all everyone got a nice hot burger without having to wait. I also tried out the pan to make grilled cheese, fried some chicken breasts in it, and made a hamburger helper meal in it. Everything turned out great with no slicking to the bottom of the pan.

Cleanup was also a breeze. No long soaking needed. I just washed it either in the dishwasher or in the sink with hot soapy water and a wash cloth and it cleaned up super easy. Ozeri also includes with your pan a nice little green fabric cover that goes inside your pan for when you store it. This protects your pan from any scratches or other damages when its stored. I live in a small house and I struggle to find room for stuff so the pan cover will benefit me a bunch when I have to stack the pan with others. 

I love this pan and if you would like to try one out for yourself here is the link for you to purchase from Amazon: 

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