Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Say Hello To The ......
Ozeri Ultra Tower Fan

This fan is amazingly quiet and matches any home decor. It is lightweight and has a handle on the back of it that makes it easy to pick up and move from room to room. The fan has some awesome features like the noise reduction technology that makes this fan whisper quiet even on high. I use mine in my bedroom and its quiet enough to where it doesn't disturb me while I'm sleeping. It also has a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments so you can set it to shut off during the night when you're sleeping. That way I don't wake up in the morning with a freezing cold chilly bedroom. 

Some of the other features this fan has that I'm really enjoying are the 3 programmable airflow patterns. They are sleep, relaxation, and comfort. On a warm day when I come home and my condo is hot and stuffy inside the comfort pattern is great to cool things off quickly. I can place the fan in front of the open patio door and set it on high and in a matter of minutes my home is a lot cooler and more comfortable. The relaxation pattern is a lot like sitting outside and feeling the breeze on a windy day. Its a lot like sitting on the front porch and catching the cool evening breeze. And the sleep pattern cools your room fast and is a gentle breeze making it easy to fall asleep. Each air flow pattern can be programmed with the included remote and it lights up a small icon on the fan's LCD screen. A tree for relation, a half moon for sleep, and a spinning icon for comfort.

The fan was easy to assemble and the height of it can be adjusted simply by choosing to add the extension bar or not when you assemble it. It didn't take very long to assemble the fan and best of all no tools were required. Just be sure not to over tighten the screws because the base and fan body is made of plastic. The fan wobbles a little but only when you shake it. Even on high and in oscillation mode this fan doesn't shake or wobble on its own. It comes with a remote with large rubber buttons so its easy to set and operate. The remote also came with 2 AAA batteries for it so it was ready to use right out of the box. The fan's LCD screen is easy to read even from across the room using the remote. The fan also oscillates a full 90 degrees so it can cool the entire room. 

This fan looks great in any room, is quiet so its great for a bedroom or living room. It keeps my living room nice and cool and doesn't take up a lot of room. which is great because my home is not that large. The fan is lightweight too and easy to pick up and move when needed. I have two dogs a Pug and a Boston Terrier and they play by it everyday and have never knocked it over so the fan is fairly stable on carpet. I haven't had any noise or odor issues with this fan or overheating. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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