Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beauty Pick of the Week 
Natural eSCENTials Deluxe 
Double-Sided Tanning Mitt 

Recently I've jumped on the self tanning bandwagon, its way safer than the tanning salon or laying out in the sun. I use a variety of self tanning lotions but they all always stain my hands or make them look a gross orange for days after I apply my tanning products. Even worse the lotions stain my fingernails and leave them looking a gross brown. This tanning mitt comes with 2 bonus finger mitts that are perfect to get in small or hard to reach areas with the big mitt. The mitt and the 2 small finger mitts are all velvety soft and feel soft against my skin. They protect my hand and nails from the tanning lotion stains. The big mitt has a loop on it to hang it up when you're not using it as well. Both the large mitt and the 2 small ones are easy to wash and clean. I wash mine in the sink with warm water and mild soap and they don't fall apart or get hard and stiff. I can use these mitts all summer long and stay looking nice and bronzed. 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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