Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My New Love.....Comforter/Duvet Insert from: Puredown 

This comforter/duvet insert is comfortable and lightweight I just love it. The down inside is lightweight but keeps me just the right temperature when I sleep. The down feathers inside the comforter don't poke through the comforter and irritate you. The cotton cover is soft and smooth and has a thick thread count but is also very light. The comforter is designed with rows of squares sewn into pockets that hold the down feathers. The seams are all double stitched and the stitching is all well done with straight lines of stitching and no loose threads or fraying. I chose the king size and it covers my mattress perfectly and hangs over the sides just the right amount not too long or too short.

Right now I am using this comforter/duvet underneath a dark colored bedspread and it works perfectly for me. I was using a quilt my mother had made me but its so heavy and hot I wake up a lot of night's too hot and can't go back to sleep. This comforter along with the bed sheet and the bedspread keep me just the right temperature, I'm not cold or too hot and so I sleep better and wake up feeling a lot more rested. Another reason why I decided to use it underneath the bedspread is because I have two small dogs who love to climb up in bed with me and watch TV with me in the evenings. I didn't want them to dirty up the down comforter so I decided to use it under my black bedspread and it works perfect.

I have never owned any down bedding before but I was curious to try and I'm glad I did its well worth the money with the quality, look, and how comfortable it is. It truly is like sleeping under a cloud, I can't wait to go to bed now. This comforter is dry clean only. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.

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