Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Beautiful Whistling Kettle
 from Bellemain

This is a beautiful whistling kettle that compliments my stove and my kitchen. Its lightweight but also durable and heavy duty with its stainless steel body. Its easy to pick up and handle with its rubberized handle, lid knob, and spout lever so you won't drop it or get burned. I love how fast this kettle heats up. It used to take my old kettle close to 20 minutes for the water to start to boil. This kettle starts to boil in about 5 minutes its way faster. I love how it whistles when the water is boiling so i know when its ready. I used to put my old kettle on the stove and it would take so long to boil that I would forget about it and get busy doing something else. This kettle heats the water fast and lets me know when its ready so i don't forget about it. 

I get lots of compliments on this kettle too from guests that visit my kitchen. Its perfect to boil water in for iced and hot tea, as well as instant coffee. I also use it when I cook when I need boiling water for recipes. It cleans easily and keeps its shine because the metal doesn't rust or tarnish. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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