Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Check Out Yoshi's New Fun 
Frisbee Toy 

I can't help but love my dog and treat him like family. So I always buy good quality safe toys for him that are durable and strong and will stand up to his chewing and play. My Pug loves to chew on his toys and has destroyed a ton of toys over the years. So when I got this silicone frisbee toy I was happy with the quality of it. Its made of 100% safe food grade silicone that is non toxic and FDA approved. So its safe enough for humans as well as pets. I also like how the toy is eco friendly so its not harmful to produce or use in the environment. Another great feature of this toy is its very easy to clean. No holes or creases for dirt or bacteria to get caught up in. I just rinse it under the faucet in the kitchen when it needs cleaned off and its good as new again.

The toy is a soft stretchy silicone rubber that my dog seems to really enjoy chewing on. It has zero odor to it unlike a lot of other rubber dog toys that carry a strong unpleasant odor. The toy stretches but does not lose its shape at all. Even when you and your dog are having a tug a war match. The toy is lightweight and soars pretty high when you throw it like a frisbee through the air. My dog loves catching it and carrying it around. He's been using it for about a month now playing and chewing on it daily and it still looks almost brand new. So I am very happy as is my dog with this toy. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review if it. 

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