Monday, August 10, 2015

Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset Really Gets You in the Game!!

I'm an active gamer I like playing PC games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online. I play solo and in teams and when I'm in a group I participate in group chat and game speak. So I needed a good gaming headset that was comfortable on my head to wear for hours at a time and had great sound and microphone audio. I've tried cheaper headsets and they didn't last. Either one of both of the speakers would short out or no one could hear me when I used the microphone. Or they were uncomfortable to wear and gave me headaches. So I decided to try this high end headset and see if they were worth spending the money on.

Right out of the box I was impressed with their durable yet lightweight design. For such a large headset you would expect them to be a lot heavier than they are. They also have a nice long cord that is made of a durable braided material and has a USB connector that plugs right into your computer. The cord also has a built in audio controller on it so you can easier adjust the volume, mic, and bass vibration settings. This is a really handy feature they put on the cord that I'm really enjoying because its so easy and convenient. The headset comfortably adjusts to almost any size head and has nice padded and pillow cushioned speakers to go over your ears and around the top of your head. It also comes with a easy to read user manual and a CD that allows you to fully customize your headsets sound. 

As soon as I plugged this headset into my computer's USB port and downloaded the CD onto my computer I noticed how the tip of the mic lights up red and the headphones each light up big red S's. I thought that was a nice touch and really made them look cool at night. The CD took almost no time at all to load onto my computer and then the headset was ready to use. I first tested them out with a few YouTube music videos. Right away I was impressed with the crystal clear sound quality. Vocals were clear and clean without any bass drowning them out. Bass was incredible almost like having small sub woofers strapped to your ears. You can even feel the thumping bass when it hots in a song right in your ear. It was like having your own private concert playing right in your ears. 

Next I tried them out by watching a TV show on my computer. It was amazing how well they did. I was able to hear every word being said in the show like i was right on the set. And since this headset is noise canceling I wasn't bothered by any sounds going on around me. Finally I decided to try them out while playing some World of Warcraft. I joined up with some of my friends and went on some group missions where I needed to use the microphone to speak. The adjustable microphone worked comfortably and my teammates could hear me perfectly. No fading in and out and no soft spoken voice. They said it felt like I was talking right into their ear. I could hear them nice and clear as well and have all the music and game audio sound perfect. The 7.1 surround sound and passive noise reduction work beautifully. You really do sit back and are amazed at what you've been missing by settling for cheaper headsets in the past. The enhanced bass vibration give you a feeling of being right in the game. And I can wear this headset for hours and have no headaches or fatigue from wearing it. I love how I can customize the sound to my liking as well and its easy to do. This headset is pricey but worth every penny in my book. I was provided a complimentary product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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