Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Dog Yoshi's Having A Blast 
In This 
Pet Playpen 
From ToysOpoly 

My dog Yoshi can't get enough of his new pet playpen. He loves the 2 zip open doors he can run in and out of when we set the pen up in the house. He also loves how big inside and comfortable it is for him. Lots of times I find him taking a nap in his playpen with his favorite toys. I love how strong and durable it is but also lightweight and easy to carry. The zippered carrying case with handles makes it easy to store or transport the playpen to the park or to a friend or family members home we're visiting. The Velcro removable liner makes the pen great for using indoors and outdoors. And its also great for puppies because the liner can be removed and washed if accidents happen. There's also a nice zip on and off mesh top that is easy to zip on and off. The playpen has a sturdy metal frame that holds its shape and doesn't sag even with a pen full of rough housing puppies. 

A few more things I like about this playpen is it provides a safe place for my dogs when they are outside that is shaded from the harsh sun and breathable and airy. It comes with metal stakes to drive into the ground and loops on the pen to secure it to the ground. That way you don't have to worry about wind knocking the playpen over or blowing it away. There's pockets on the outside of the pen for keeping small items and a pocket for a bottle of water. The whole playpen easy wipes clean with a damp rag. The playpen easy collapses and folds together and stores in the included zippered bag and carries with handles. Its very compact and slides easily into a closet, trunk, or between things. It takes less than 2 minutes to assembly or disassemble this playpen. This would also make a great playpen for other pets too like ferrets, bunnies, cats, hamsters, or guinea pigs. 

I love using using the playpen indoors in my dog's playroom in my home. I set it up and fill it with his tools and his blanket. He loves to come and go as he pleases and it provides him his own little space. Also when we have a lot of company come over I put him in the playpen and zip the doors closed and he has a safe spot away from company so I don't have to worry about him getting out or getting into trouble. We are very happy with this playpen and my dog just loves it. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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  1. Favorite Dog Playpens from Bizarkdeal

    This is a great way to keep puppies, chickens, bunnies, or any other pet or even child in. It stands about 2 ft tall. It has a screen door that can be open by a zipper. As a safety measure the zipper can be clipped closed. The two ends easily snap together with clips. It has an awesome carrying bag that has two straps for carrying. There is also a way to strap it down to the ground if outside with stakes if wanted. I was shocked at how large it is. My kids like to play with it but when they aren't playing with it, as use it for our chicks to allow them to get some sun safely.