Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yoshi & Me Are Big Fans Of This Flashing Red LED Collar 
from: Epic Pet 

I love to take my dog on walks in the evenings and early nighttime hours. I live in a busy neighborhood where a lot of other people are outside at night. My dog is an all black Pug so he's virtually invisible at night. So when I got this collar I was really excited about trying it out. It is made of thick durable materials and the stitching is top notch so it won't come apart or break. There's also a bit of padding in the collar which makes it more comfortable for my dog to wear and for me to handle as well. The leash loop and the buckle are a nice heavy duty metal so they won't bend or break. There's also plenty of size adjustment holes in the collar so it fits a wide variety of neck sizes. Its also rust resistant so its safe for my dog to wear all the time. There's plenty of LEDs on the collar 6 in all so it lights up brightly. The LEDs are operated by a control box on the collar that allows you to set the lights to stay on, fast flash, or slow flash. Its easy to operate too, you just squeeze the control until it clicks to each setting. The batteries in this collar last a long time and are easy to change when needed also. And they take an easy to find battery that doesn't cost a bundle to get replacements for. I love how the collar looks on my dog, he looks adorable wearing it and you can tell he enjoys it by the way he struts his stuff when its on. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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