Thursday, August 27, 2015

Crave Cuticle Nipper/Cutter Is An Essential For 
Pedicures & Manicures At Home

These are an essential in my manicure set at home. I get a lot of dry skin around my nails and toenails that is rough and uncomfortable. My cuticles also grow long and try to cover up part of my nails. So I needed a good set of cuticle cutters like they use at the salons. These are durable and heavy duty just like the ones they use when you visit the nail salon. They also cut that dry, rough skin off my fingers and toes easily and painlessly. They have nice long handles and spring action that makes them cut close and precise. There pointy, angles head allows you to really get into tight spaces. I get dry rough pieces of skin in the summer from wears flip flops everyday and these cutters get down in there and cut it right out. They also comes with a handy little guide that shows and tells you how to use them. The cutters don't corrode or rust because they are made of a heavy duty stainless steel. They also come in a nice zippered case that has a leather like feel to it and you can fit several other small things easily in with the cutters. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

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