Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Get Whiter Brighter Teeth with 
Luster Premium White 

Nowadays everyone wants brighter, healthier teeth but its a lot of work and effort and most of the whitening products leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth. Also most aren't all that effective. I had just about given up on whitening my teeth until I tried Luster. The Luster products were easy to use and I seen real noticeable results the first time I used it. And its easy to use! No messy hard to use whitening trays! The Luster products have a minty fresh taste that doesn't taste bitter or like peroxide. The whitening light comes with 4 AAA batteries and is easy to use. My kit that I was provided to review came with Pretreat Accelerinse, Whitening Light, and Stain Lifting Serum. They were also nice enough to provide a tube of the Power White Deep Stain Eraser toothpaste. This entire set retails at under $50 and gives professional dentist tooth whitening results. It is readily available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and other chain stores. 

Since I've been using this product my teeth have lightened up quite a bit and I've even received several compliments from family and friends about how great my teeth look. I've also noticed how much whiter my teeth are and how they have a just left the dentist's chair clean feeling. I'm going to continue to use Luster products on my teeth. I want my teeth to look and feel great especially for my upcoming wedding next year :) 

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