Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here's Some Great New Colgate Products To Tell You About!!

I was sent samples of these 2 new products from Colgate to try out and review. Colgate is one of my favorite brands of toothpaste and brushes. Their toothbrushes last a long while and they do a great job cleaning my teeth and gums without irritating my sensitive gums. I like Colgate toothpaste because it leaves a long lasting fresh mint taste in your mouth and it makes my teeth feel smooth and slick when I run my tongue across them. It also gives me fresh breath for hours after I use it which is something most toothpastes don't deliver. Nothing ruins your day or sours a first impression more than bad breath. When I use a brand other than Colgate I always have to pop a few mints in my mouth before I meet someone new but when I use Colgate I feel confident enough to leave the mints in my purse. 

The Colgate Total Daily Repair toothpaste is a brand new product to Colgate's line. It comes in a 4.0 ounce sized tube and in paste form. The paste has a great tasting minty flavor that lingers in your mouth and on your breath for hours after brushing. This toothpaste has a special formula that helps reverse early damage to your teeth and gums. So it is like a preventative product. It claims to help prevent:
  • cavities
  • gingivitis
  • plaque buildup
Also fights tarter, bad breath, and whitens teeth. Along with that it has ingredients to remineralize enamel damage to strengthen your teeth. These are all things that everyone needs help with to have healthy teeth and gums. I have weak gums and several cavities on my teeth and this product has helped me slow down the growth of those cavities and prevent new ones form forming. Best of all it is a whitening toothpaste but without the bitter peroxide taste that most tooth whitening products contain. I did some checking and for the 4.0 ounce size its around $2.50 and $3.50 for the larger 5.8 ounce size/ So it won't break the bank by no means. I will definitely be purchasing this toothpaste after my sample runs out. 

The Colgate toothbrush I was sent to review has flosstip bristles. They really do a nice job getting in between my teeth and removing plaque, tarter, and trapped food. The brush has a nice long handle that is rubberized with rubberized thumb and finger grips so you can keep a firm hold on the brush as you're using it. Not only doing the brush do a great job cleaning and polishing my teeth but it also massages my gums while I'm using it. The taller purple tipped bristles really get down in between my teeth and get things clean. Less plaque and food between my teeth also helps keep my breath fresh as well. A 2 pack of these brushes is around $5 so this is also another budget friendly product. 
These were both great products that I strongly recommend and will be using myself.

To learn more about these products please visit Colgate's website at:

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