Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More great Kast King products....

I picked the 10 pound test line because it works perfectly with my reel and for the fish I'm wanting to catch. I like to fish for small catfish, bass, and striper bass. This line is lightweight and works great. It doesn't knot, stretch, or tangle up on my reel unlike a lot of other lines. It is modestly priced and doesn't break even when you have a big one on the hook. It was easy to wind onto my reel too. I had never tried fluorocarbon line before but I was really impressed by how strong and durable it is as well as lightweight. I will be switching all my reels over to fluorocarbon line in the near future. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

These stainless steel fishing pliers/cutters are so handy when you're fishing. They are small and compact and easily fit in a tackle box or pocket. They have easy to grip handles that are comfortable to use and the pliers are easy to squeeze closed when you are using them. They are really sharp too. I can easy cut fishing line even the super strong braided kind. I can also easily remove fishing hooks from fish and they are a huge help when you need to bend a hook as well. I no longer have to carry a separate tool for each task I need to so, these pliers/cutters do it all as scissors, pliers, removing fish hooks, and braid and line cutters. They are also stainless steel so they don't rust or corrode even when you are saltwater fishing. There's also a handy lock on the handles so you can lock them together to save space when you store them. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. 

This is one of my families favorite tools when we go fishing. When anyone catches a fish first thing everyone wants to know is how big is it? Well no more exaggerated fish stories in our family thanks to this handy little tool. It has a easy to use fish gripper that securely holds the fish so you can handle it. The scale measures up to a 50 pound fish and is so easy to use. You just hook the fish in the grips and hold the scale vertical and you get your weight measurement. There's also a handy tape measure that slides out and allows you to measure the length of your catch while holding it vertical. Along with that it has a handy wrist strap that's adjustable to comfortably fit your wrist or wherever you wish to hang it. This gripper/scale/ tape measure is easy for the whole family to use and we love measuring and weighing our catches and seeing who caught the "big one". 

Here are the links to the products that are included in this review:
This is the upgraded model to the fishing grip here in my review. It has a digital scale instead of the manual but it is very similar to the one in this review.

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