Monday, August 31, 2015

Yoshi Loves His New Feeding Mat from: Snug

I love my dog but when he eats he makes quite the mess. He spills water all over the floor and his food kibbles get everywhere and under everything. Also we live in a small home so we try to maximize space every chance we get. So I decided to try this feeding mat to help save space and keep my kitchen floor dry and kibble free. The mat has a nice ridge all the way around it so it helps keep water and food inside the rectangle and not on my kitchen floor. The mat is made of a thick durable silicone with tiny grippers on it to help hold my dog's food and water bowls in place so they don't get moved around while he's eating. The mat wipes off easily so cleanup is easy when my dog spills his food or water. Also if he spills his food I can just pick the mat up and dump the food right back into the bowl. No more having to get down on the floor and pick up kibbles or have to sweep it up with a broom. My dog seems to like the mat too because his food and water bowls don't move around on the kitchen floor when he eats or drinks. No more wet socks from stepping in puddles of spilled water on the kitchen floor. We are all happy with this mat. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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