Friday, August 7, 2015

Devoted Doggy Bucket Seat Cover

I have a newer model car and I like to keep it clean and not have rips and stains on the seats. But I also love taking my dog places with me. So to have my cake and eat it too I got this seat cover. Its also great for when I pick my fiancee up from work because he gets pretty dirty from his job and would make a mess on the seats in my car. The cover is waterproof too so if you spill a drink or anything else you don't have to worry about having a stained or wet seat. There's a nice skirt on the bottom of the seat cover and on the sides that fits around and under the seat to protect the entire seat. The cover was easy to install, I had it on there in under a minute. There's two adjustable straps, one fits around the headrest and the other secures the bottom of the cover to the bottom part of your seat. There's also a plastic weight that you push between the two parts of your seat that helps keep the cover in place. I have a sedan and this cover fits my seats like a glove. It grabs hold and grips the seat and doesn't bunch up or slide around. The cover is made of a durable quilted material that isn't uncomfortable to sit on. The stitching is strong and my cover didn't have any loose threads at all. When the cover gets dirty I toss mine in the washing machine and hang it outside on the line to dry and it looks like new again. My dog is comfortable sitting and laying on this cover and it doesn't interfere with the seatbelt or the seat adjustment functions. The solid black works with my car's interior as well and doesn't look out of place or tacky. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

To order a seat cover for your ride, please use this link:

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