Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Looking For A Toy Your Pooch Can't Destroy?  Check Out The 

My dog Yoshi may look little but he can destroy almost any dog toy you give him. He rips apart the stuffed toys to get to the plastic squeaker inside and chews it up in no time. Rope toys he chews up and leaves a mess behind in a day or 2. And the rubber chew toys he chews up and spits the pieces all over the floor. So I'm always buying him new toys when I go to the pet store. He's rough on toys but he loves to play. 

When i was asked to review the Unbreakoball I checked it out on their website ( and I seen a lot of bigger dogs playing with the balls and they holding up. So I thought lets try this maybe Yoshi has finally met his match. The balls come in 2 sizes the 6 inch (pictured here) or a large 10 inch size. We decided to go with the 6 inch because Yoshi is a small dog. It arrived in a nice box and shipping was fast it only took about 2 days to get to us. Right out of the box I was amazed by the quality of this toy. Its made out of a really thick hard plastic and you can throw it, drop it, sit on it, or whatever and this ball won't even bend. At first Yoshi wasn't too interested in the ball in the house so I decided to take him out in the yard with it. He can't put the ball in his mouth but he can kick and roll it around. Once we got outside he was having a blast kicking and pushing it around the driveway and yard. He loves chasing the ball around when I throw it. Since there's holes in the ball I also put some small treats in the center of it that kept him busy rolling the ball around to get to them. 

Now he plays with the ball inside and out and after 3 weeks of play besides some scratches from the concrete it still looks like new. The Unbreakoball companies website has some other dog toys and products for dog lovers besides the balls. Along with dog toys and beds they also have apparel and stickers to dress up your ride. If you want to go check out their site just use this link here: 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

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