Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fill Your Home With Scent With This Beautiful Candle Warmer 

This candle warmer is really a work of art and looks great in my living room. I have two small dogs who love to get crazy and jump around and sometimes stuff gets knocked over. So i don't like lighting candles in my home for fear that the dogs might knock them over and get hurt or start a fire. This candle warmer plugs right into the wall and has an easy to reach on and off switch right on the cord. 

The warmer is very well made of thick ceramic and has designs carved in it that make it look custom and unique. This warmer is so easy to use, I just drop in one of the candle wax tins and put the lid back on and it goes to work. The bulb in the warmer has a warm orange glow to it that also flickers and looks like a real flame. The warmer doesn't get hot so it can be unplugged and moved to another room easily. The wax tins smell amazing and make my entire living, dining, and kitchen area smell great. They are also long lasting I've burned the same tin 4 times now each time for hours on end and it still smells as strong as it did the first time I used it. After you turn off the burner you can replace the top on the wax tin without having to remove it from the burner that I really like. I've already purchased another wax tin for this burner and I can honestly say the cinnamon vanilla and the sugared citrus smell amazing! 

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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