Monday, March 7, 2016

These Pure Down Pillows Are The Best For A Peaceful Night Sleep

These pillows are so soft and comfortable you'll think you're sleeping on a big fluffy cloud. I can't wait to go to bed now so I can lay my head on these comfy pillows and rest and relax after a rough day. The pillows are available in 2 sizes standard/queen and king. I chose the standard/queen to fit my queen sized bed and they fit perfectly. The pillows have a removable 500 thread count cover on them that zips on and off so its easy to remove to wash when needed. The pillows can also be machine washed when needed which is a big plus for this mother of 2 doggies. These pillows are ideal for back and stomach sleeps. I have been a stomach sleeper for many years and it can be difficult to find a good supportive pillow for stomach sleeping. I put my hands and arms under my pillow when I sleep and sleep on my stomach. Most pillows are either too flat to support my head and I wake up with sore head and neck from pretty much sleeping on my arms all night. Or they are too thick and I end up propping my head up too high with the pillow and my arms and wake up with a sore neck and back. These pillows are just the perfect amount of thickness so I wake up pain free and feel well rested. My fiancee is a back sleeper and has a bad back with torn disks and these pillows are very comfortable for him and he's experienced a lot less pain since he started using this pillow. 

The covers on the pillows are a nice soft cotton. They are also stitched and made really well, no holes or loose threads. There's no odors at all with these pillows either. I've bought pillows in the past and it was days we had to air them out before using them because they had strong odors from being made. These pillows are odor free so I was able to sleep on them right away. I am very happy with these pillows and after sleeping on them for over a week now they have showed no signs of matting or flattening out. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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