Thursday, March 10, 2016

Make Your Man Feel Like The Luckiest Man On Earth With A Pair Of These Stylish Sunglasses 
from: RIVBOS

I couldn't believe all the extras that come with these sunglasses. When I opened the case it was just bursting with extra lenses, cleaning cloth, cloth bag, cord to carry the glasses around your neck, and of course the glasses and the hard case it all came in. My fiancee chose the red out of the offered colors and it is a really pretty deep bright red. The case these glasses and all their extras come in is a nice hard case with a soft padded inside that will protect your glasses from almost any kind of impact. The lenses are easy to swap out when needed and provide different forms of protection for your eyes. 

The yellow lenses are great to wear outdoors when he is mowing the lawn or doing yard work. It protects his eyes from flying debris and still blocks out the sun's rays. The clear lenses is great for indoors to use as safety glasses. Where he works he has to wear safety glasses and the ones the company provides are big, bulky, and heavy and quite uncomfortable. These glasses are feather light and so much more stylish and comfortable than what the company provides. Everyone at his work loves his glasses and want a pair of their own. The mirrored and polarized lenses are great for driving and riding his motorcycle. The glasses have frames that are quite flexible and unbreakable so if he does drop them they aren't ruined. He loves how the rubber strips on the arms of the glasses fit snugly on his face and grip his skin so the glasses don't fly off when he's on his motorcycle. The aerodynamic shape of these glasses also keeps the wind and debris out of his eyes when he's riding. He uses the cloth bag to store them in and places them in his pants pocket when he's not wearing them. 

These glasses are made tough and look and feel just like the expensive ones they sell at the mall. These are much more budget friendly and in my opinion they are better made than the expensive ones. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it.

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