Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Is Almost Here & So Are Sunny Days which Means Sunglasses 

My fiancee is hard on his sunglasses, he drops them a lot, forgets and puts them in his pant's pocket, sits on them accidentally, and other forms of abuse. These sunglasses are tough and can take his abuse and still look like new. The frames are very flexible and are unbreakable just what he needed. They are also really lightweight too so you don't get those headaches between your eyes and sore noses from wearing heavy sunglasses all day long. These sunglasses are also polarized so they protect his eyes when he's out in the sun. These are great sunglasses to wear when you're driving or working outside in the sun. They eliminate the sun's harsh glare in your eyes and they are tinted just enough to make the bright sun easier on your eyes without being too dark. The color he chose the blue is a pretty bright electric blue and the lenses match the frames and look really nice together. He gets lots of compliments on these sunglasses and they look and feel like the expensive 2 to 3 hundred dollar glasses they sell in the mall. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review of it. 

Grab a pair here, they are available in a variety of colors:

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